Screw feeders

Screw Conveyor / Screw feeders used to transfer the material from storage hopper to another equipment. Depending on the product being conveyed, different types of screw are used in screw feeder. Our Screw Conveyor / Screw feeders is designed for various industries for the metering of material into a production process.

We provide screw conveyor as fallows :

  • Able to detect an overload or no material
  • Able to provide the reguired amount of targue throughout the speed range
  • Accurately regulating material feed

Screw Conveyor

Single ScrewIMG_0057

Ideal for application where there is a long, narrow inlet and mass flow.

Double Screw

Use in application where bridging is not a screw conv 1problem and the material can be hopper down and requires more than a single screw.

1. Type and condition of material to be handled.
2. Specific bulk density.
3. Capacity of screw feeder.
4. Screw feeder material required.

Screw Feeder1Screw Feeder