Rotary Kiln

Various industries such as mineral industries including cement plant, some kinds of chemical plant, paper and agro industry have been using imported rotary kilns, rotary dryers and related equipments. Now, pt. Siko Techno can provide you with Indonesia made rotary kiln.

We proudly offer our products which will best suit your need in increasing productivity and enjoy the benefit of careful attention to energy saving, easy maintenance, prevention of pollution, and competitive price of the products.

More importantly, we provide the related technology regarding system establishing for combustion control, lining method selection, exhaust gas treatment, material handling system before and after kiln.

We Provide :

  • New equipment installation
  • Modernization / repairing
  • Combustion central
  • lining method selection
  • Material handling system before and after Kiln

Rotary Kiln type

  • Direct heating type
  • Indirect heating type
  • Batch type

Rotary Kiln Direct Heating TypeRotary Kiln Direct Heating Type

Direct heating type rotary kiln can be designed to withstand temperature up to 2000 C or even higher by selecting special high heat resistant refractories.

Temperature operation for processing typical metallurgical materials in the rotary kilns is round 1500 C by means of fuel oil and/or pulverized coal combustion.

Incinerating process in the kilns is applied to material sludge such as sewage sludge, oil sludge, pulp sludge, industrial sludge, and shells in the sea water drainage at power  station.

Rotary Kiln Indirect Heating TypeRotary Kiln Indirect Heating Type

Indirect heating type rotary kiln is provided with furnace assigned at the outside of retort. The burner mounted in a furnace heats up the outside surface of the retort.When the industries need to burn powdery raw material which does not accept direct contacts with combustion gas, it is most suitable to apply kiln indirect heating type for the plant.

The heating temperature is normally can be raised to 1150C by selection of high heat resistant material to retort.

By varying the numbers of burners heated area of retort can be varied. Electric heating can be applied to meet required condition and

Automatic control system

Operation under full automatic control system to cover not only fuel combustion system but also the whole plant process from materials up to product by sequence time become possible with programming.

Rotary Kiln Batch Type

Batch type rotary kiln is operated after charging raw material by means of feeder and after completing the predetermined retention the time, the material is then discharged from the rotary kiln. Using of batch type rotary kiln in a system enable to adjust the retention time of material and to charge reducing or inactive gas; enable to heat processing hydrogen and argon into the kiln at pressurized operating condition or vacuum condition inside the kiln.
Application of batch type in the kiln processing system is increasing with a variety of material requirements.

Various application

SIKO can provide rotary kiln to handle many kind of raw material such as : Flux for welding, soft ferrite, various ceramics raw material, electrolysis sediment of copper,  titanium oxide, iron oxide, special absorbent, activated carbon,various catalyzer, uranium  oxide,    oil   cokes,    fluoride,    molybdenum   oxide, zirconia, lead power, sand for roof, coal distillation, contaminated soil, etc

Rotary Kiln of Siko Techno - Engineering & Consultants Rotary Kiln of Siko Techno - Engineering & Consultants