Gas Scrubber

Gas Scrubber as an environment protection devices and equipments are playing a vital role in the treatment of exhaust gases, which are generated in almost all types of industries. In our capacity as an Engineering and Consulting company, Siko made its best endeavour to design and to produce an equipment called Gas Scrubbing System, which is generally used to clean polluted gas.



High Quality
Siko’s product are new and unique in design that reflect our high technology supported by expatriates with the back up of constant research and development. When designing the scrubbing system, our engineers always aim to produce :

  • high quality productGas Scrubber of Siko Techno - Engineering & Consultants
  • high performance
  • more compact package
  • Long life expectancy

Siko’s Gas Scrubbing Unit mostly use local parts. It might become an advantage to have our quick response and complete the equipment supply to your site.

Gas Scrubbing System
Siko’s Gas Scrubbing System offers two Standard models :

  • Single stage scrubbing system
  • Double stage scrubbing system

We also produce other environmental protection equipment such as :

  • SOx, NOx, Gas treatment Equipment
  • Deodorization Treatment Equipment

Gas Scrubber of Siko Techno - Engineering & ConsultantsCompact package type
The main body of both Scrubbing Tower and Circulation Tank are made of FRP, molded into a single unit. Since the fan and pump are supplied as a set of equipment from the manufacturing plant, the installation work on site can be completed easily only in one or two days. Installation can be also carried out easily, since the connection are made with bolts.

Anti corrosion
The successful application of any corrosion resistant material begins with a complete and accurate definition of the liquid to be handled. For our standard type, based on the result of a long time research, we use “Vinyl Ester Resin” for the FRP tower and tank. Compare with other materials, this type of resin have a stronger resistance against chemical agent within reasonable temperature range. However, we will accept any special order.

If you request for quotation, please download, fill out and send to us the Questionaire of Gas Scrubber