EPC and Consultant

Siko – four core business:

  1. Total Industrial plantEPC and Consultant
    • Feasibility study, planning, basic and detail, establishment process
    • Mineral Resources Development such as Ferrous & non-Ferrous, Coal, Lime and etc
    • Engineering, Procurement and construction (EPC) of Industrial plants such as mining & mineral industry, chemical plant, petrochemical plant, and manufacturing plant
    • Modification, optimization, modernization of existing industrial plant and relocation.
  2. Environment Control

    • Treatment of any kind of water discharged from factories
    • Exhaust gas treatment system and equipment
  3. Our product equipment as “made in Indonesia”

    To ensure the best quality in providing equipment, siko have Fabrication / workshop namely Siko Nakamura Dwikarya (SNDK)

  4. Transfer Technology
    • Transfer of technical Know-how provided by Japanese Technology
    • Technical services for relocation of Japanese manufacturing plant to Indonesia