Fabricator / workshop PT. Siko Nakamura Dwikarya (SNDK) is a joint venture between PT. Siko Techno with K.K Nakamura Tekko-sho Japan ( SNDK Dedicate as a One Stop Engineering Service.

The human resources of SNDK are on the job trained at K.K Nakamura Tekko-sho workshop in Japan on the field of technical knowledge and skill, quality system and managerial knowledge as well.

Fabricator SNDK Range of activities and services :

The workshop has capability of fabricating multi purpose equipment including fabrication technology for stainless steel and special steel/metals for domestic and overseas market.

  • General purpose tank and vessel
  • Pressure and vacuum vessels
  • Steel structure and special use
  • Steel structure and special use girder
  • Digester and agitator
  • General Heat ex-changer and condenser
  • Belt conveyor and feeders
  • Bucket elevator and chain conveyor
  • Dust collector and dust handling equipment
  • Environmental control equipment
  • Heavy duty mining equipment
  • Mechanical parts for plants equipment
  • Pipes and duct pre-fabrication
  • Driving unit manufacturing for equipment
Fabricator / Workshop Siko Nakamura Dwi Karya Map, Manufacturing of Siko Techno - Engineering & Consultants
Kawasan Industri Pancatama Blok E-57, Cikande,
Serang Banten Indonesia
Mr.Katsutoshi Ina (Chairman)
    Mr.Subarna (President Director)
    Mr.FX Gatot Suryanto (Marketing)